Andaman & Nicobar Island


onge trbesThe Onges of Little Andaman were divided into a number of bands, each consisting of several families. All members of a band lived together in a beyra (community hut). The members of a beyra were grouped under a particular name and formed a social unit. At present the Onges have been settled at two places, Dugong Creek and South Bay, with government initiative.

Onges are one of the most primitive tribes in India. They belong to the Negrito racial stock and they have been relegated to the reserved pockets both at Dugong Creek and South Bay of Little Andaman Island. They live in a remote corner of the country in a small pocket. They are the semi-nomadic tribes and fully dependent on the food provided by nature. They have now experienced the impact of outsiders. Onge ChildrenAt the same time efforts at befriending them have proved to be successful. They have been provided with pucca hut type houses, food, clothes, medicines, etc. by the Administration. They eat turtle, fish, roots and jack fruits and etc. they have developed artistry and craft. The Onges can make canoes. A primary school has been functioning at the Dugong Creek settlement of Onges.

Onge Settlement

Onge settlement at dugong creek little Andaman islands