neil islandNeil Island

The beautiful island with lush green forest and sandy beaches is connected by boat form Port Blair. It will provide an ideal holiday for eco-friendly tourist.


Havelock Island

havelock islandThis island offers beautiful sandy beaches and lush green forest. Island compaing at Radha Nagar is a real exposure to the unpolluted nature for an environment lover. Connected by boat from Port Blair.




Long Island

A beautiful sandy beach at Lalaji Bay, unpolluted environment and evergreen forests. Connected by boat from Port Blair

Baratang Island

mud volcanoIt is around 120 kms far from Port Blair. It is one of the main island of the Andaman Group, a closely set in the Bay of Bengal adjoining the Andaman Sea, Middle Andaman is to its north, and South Andaman to the sough. The area of this island is approx imately 238 sq kms. this island is rich with wide range of beaches, evergreen forest, colourful birds and butterflies. The roadways journey for Baratang islandmangrove forest is passing through a evergreen dense and connected with vehicle ferries. This island is more commonly referred to as simply “Baratang”. Mud Volcanoes (found only in andamans in the country), limestone caves, beaches and mangrove frilled creeks give a distinct identity to baratang. Baratang holds the natures best treasures gifted to the islands. Limestone caves, active mud volcano, tothatekri, baludera beach & Roglachang beach are just a few of them.lime stone cave


170 kms by road and 90 kms by sea. Provides a real attraction for an ecologically conscious tourist, who can enjoy the virgin nature and breath unpolluted air, a rare commodity for the city dweller. Cuthbest Bay beach, 15 kms, away has also turtle nesting ground and has been identified.


mayabunder240 kms by road and 136 kms by sea. Situated in the northern part of Middle Andaman, it has excellent scenic beauty and good beaches. Inhabited by the settlers from Burma, the area near East Pakistan and exconvicts, Mayabunder has a distinct culture. Karmatang beach, a turtle nesting ground, Boat and Bus services are available.


Diglipurdiglipur - ross smit island

180 kms by Sea & kms by Road. Situated North of Mayabunder, it provides a rare experience of sea sun and fun for eco friendly tourists. It is famous for its oranges, rice and marine life. Kalipur, a sandy beach. Saddle Peak, 732 meters, the highest point in the islands is neary. Kalpong, the only river of Andaman flows from here on which the first hydro electric project of the islands is coming up. Boat and Bus services are available.